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Heroes Arena is a 5v5 MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle-Arena) Mobile Game developed by uCool.
The game features a massive cast of heroes, each possessing varying roles, abilities, and strengths.
The game was first released on April 14th, 2017. This is a fanmade wiki whose intentions are to accurately
list down everything concerning the game, and all contributions to the wiki are welcome!

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The Heroes

SUPPORTS: Angelyne, Ayola, Beldora, Chronus, Fiorina, Xenna

ASSASSINS: Acolith, Arden, Bandina, Hela, Kelder, Long, Monica, Noctina, Olivia, Paradox, Skalret

MAGES: Acolith, Beatrice, Beldora, Camilla, Eric, Fiedra, Fiorina, Gassiel, Monica, Noctina, Paradox, Sarpa, Solust, Ymir

MARKSMEN: Beatrice, Bastien, Eisha, Gildas, Maverette, Piercival, Purity, Sylvis, Solust

TANKS: Anua, Chronus, Doctor Abomina, Garan, Gassiel, Harker, Madog, Minotaur, Obsidious, Orthol, Spyre, Worven.

WARRIORS: Carin, Harker, Heriss, Hippolyta, Kors, Long, Madog, Minotaur, Namida, Orthol, Polarus, Samanosuke, Skorn, Worven


NOTE: All Heroes possessing bolded and italicised names have not been released yet.


Heroes Arena Trailer

Heroes Arena Trailer



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